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Where are Name Change Petitions Filed?

Answer: If you want to change your name and you are an adult or a minor who is 14 years of age or older, or you want to change your family's last name, you can petition for a change of name in the family division of the circuit court in the county where you live. You must have lived in the county for at least one year prior to filing the petition.

What is the Procedure for Filing a Name Change Petition in Michigan?

Answer: The petition must give the reason for the name change and assure the court that you are not seeking a name change with any dishonest intent. There is a filing fee. A notice of the hearing to change the name must be published to allow creditors, individuals with the same name, and others the opportunity to object. You must obtain a criminal history check from the Michigan State Police and from the Federal Bureau of Investigation based upon your fingerprints. There is a charge which must be paid to the police agency for this. Results of the criminal history check will be sent to the court. A criminal record is presumed a fraudulent intent. Persons under age 22 do not have to be fingerprinted or have a criminal history check.

What services does provide?

Answer:We provide you with the forms, information and instructions that you need to change your name without hiring an attorney. Our experience and expertise in name change law will enable you to proceed with this important step in your life with confidence. All of our services are fully guaranteed - we have been preparing legal forms since 1995.